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The talent training system of YIZE MOULD

May. 31, 2018

Yesterday, there was a meeting about "the six items of excellence" and " the talent training system of YIZE MOULD " held in YIZE MOULD. The person in charge of the company-- Mr. Wang and the manager of the production department—Mr. Liu have shared a lot of philosophical knowledge for us. Let's look back together.

The first half of the meeting that is about the contents of "the six items of excellence" was led by Mr. Liu, which revealed the mysteries in detail. The “six items of excellence " consists of six parts:

1.Paying no less than anyone's effort

2.Modesty and quitting arrogance

3.Introspecting every day

4.Learning to thank when you are alive

5.To do good, and to think altruistic

6.Do not have emotional troubles

The talent training system of YIZE MOULD

Mr. Liu has illustrated us with detailed examples, which has benefited us greatly. Here we thank him for his passionate speech!

After the break, the second half of the meeting was delivered by Mr. Wang, and the main content of which was “talent training system of YIZE MOULD". The focus of this part is on the personnel appraisal system of YIZE. The company will carry out a new personnel assessment system from June 1, 2018 to pursue a fairer, impartial and open personnel system, as well as the training of qualified personnel of YIZE.

The talent training system of YIZE MOULD

This training gave us a deep understanding of business philosophy of YIZE MOULD: To pursue the material and spiritual well-being of all employees. Finally, we once again thank Mr. Wang and Mr. Liu for sharing, and we also hope that all employees can work together to develop better together with YIZE!

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