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What are the uses of carbide tungsten parts?

Jun. 20, 2018

As we all know, carbide tungsten parts has high hardness and high temperature resistance, so it is widely used in industry.Then, what are the uses of carbide tungsten parts?

In fact, the performance of carbide tungsten parts is superior, so it is generally used on the impingement parts with very high requirements on the hardness and temperature, and because tungsten steel is more expensive, therefore, in general, it is only used for valuable equipment with special purpose and requirements.

What are the uses of carbide tungsten parts?

In addition, good wear resistance and high hardness make it suitable for manufacturing wear-resistant parts, mechanical parts and wire drawing dies which are resistant to high temperature, friction and corrosion.These are uses of carbide tungsten parts.

In recent years, carbide tungsten parts has become the best choice for replacing steel in various industrial applications.YIZE MOULD has more than 12 years of carbide tungsten parts processing experience, if you want to know more about the uses of carbide tungsten parts, please follow us,and we will bring you the latest industry information as soon as possible!

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