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Carbide tungsten parts manufacturing technology in YIZE MOULD

Mar. 19, 2019

Carbide tungsten parts are technology-intensive products in modern industrial production and the carbide tungsten parts manufacturing technology plays an important role in the manufacturing industry.

Carbide tungsten parts manufacturing technology requires the cooperation of precision instruments, such as PG optical grinding accuracy, SODICK mirror EDM accuracy, WEDM accuracy, etc. These can greatly improve the quality of carbide tungsten parts and carbide tungsten parts manufacturing technology.

Carbide tungsten parts manufacturing technology in YIZE MOULD

Carbide tungsten parts are an important part of mould production. The production of it is closely related to our life, such as industrial production, medicine, agriculture, science and technology. The production of precision carbide tungsten parts has improved our quality of life.

A quality carbide tungsten parts manufacturer must have advanced technology and sophisticated equipment to lay the foundation for the production of precision mold parts.

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