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Innovation of carbide tungsten parts processing

Jun. 04, 2019

The development of carbide tungsten parts processing can not be achieved overnight. The innovation and development of the industry and the promotion of the whole environment are indispensable.

Everything of life is undoubtedly metabolizing. It is a kind of progress that the old age strides into the new era. The development of the new era also has higher requirements for life, science and technology, and we will be eliminated if we stop blindly.

As a carbide tungsten parts processing company, Yize has never bowed to difficulties. Whether it is Japan's high-precision, high-quality requirements,or European and American countries'delivery, can be one-to-one correspondence calmly.

Innovation of carbide tungsten parts processing

Over the years, the development of YIZE MOULD is also visible to the naked eye. It is undoubtedly a successful step from several machines at the beginning of its establishment, the number of single-digit workers to more than 100 people now. It is also because we dare to challenge new things, dare to accept other people's suggestions and move forward modestly that we can achieve today's results.

YIZE MOULD specializes in precision carbide tungsten parts and supports the customized service for carbide tungsten parts processing. If you need it, you can send us the drawings as soon as possible.YIZE will serve you wholeheartedly!

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