Our Advantages

  • Production advantage
    180 sets of precision machining equipment to ensure stable and efficient production process. Yize provides a wide range of processing and production technologies, including turning, milling, CNC lathe, profile grinding, EDM, WEDM, Profile grinding, internal and external hole processing and manufacturing processes.
    Primary Area of Business
  • Technological breakthrough
    Introduce advanced technology to achieve technological breakthroughs Introduce advanced Japanese, German, American high-end WEDM, EDM, CNC lathe, inner and outer hole processing, CMM and injection molding equipment to provide favorable guarantee to meet customers' high-quality precision manufacturing and technological breakthroughs.
    Development Support
  • Quality advantage
    50 measuring instruments imported from Japan and Germany The whole process of quality inspection of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, injection products, packaging, inspection report and other processes, strictly implement the ISO9001, ISO16949 quality management system.
    Production Advantages: More than 180 high precision machining centers to support large turnkey programs
  • Development advantage
    More than 200 sets of molds and product development capabilities per year
    Understand customer needs, cooperate with customers to quickly develop and guide products, and meet customers' needs for rapid update. The complete set of solutions for PFA injection molding and other engineering grade thermoplastics molded components is a comprehensive reflection of our mold development advantages.
    Comprehensive Quality Control System
  • Professional PFA Teflon injection molding
    Class 100,000 dust-free workshop
    Provide strong quality assurance for the production of PFA products, and the professional screw technology molding technology of the 100,000-level dust-free workshop provides a strong technical guarantee for the purity and metal content of PFA and PVDF products.
    In-house Tool Qualification - Mould trials conducted on  FANUC injection machines to ensure reliable functionality
  • Engineering grade thermoplastics molding experience
    Japan FANUC injection molding machine test mold to ensure the quality of plastic products
    Our rich experience in molding engineering grade thermoplastics such as PEEK, LCP, PEI, PPS, PPSU, PFA and other precision structural parts of engineering grade thermoplastics is the solid foundation for us to gain the strong support and trust of our customers
    Advanced Technology

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