How Does Yize Mould's High-Quality and Chemical-Resistant PFA Tube Fitting Serve the New Energy Indu

Yize Mould's PFA tube fittings, known for their chemical resistance and high quality, are key to serving the booming new energy industry, ensuring stability and reducing maintenance costs.
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YIZE MOULD: Ensuring Purity in Medical Products with Advanced Supply Chain and Cleanroom Standards

YIZE MOULD, a specialized manufacturer of medical products, emphasizes purity and safety in its production process. The company utilizes a Class 1000 Cleanroom, stringent process flows, and rigorous quality control to guarantee the cleanliness and safety of its medical plastic products. Employee training and regular cleanroom maintenance further ensure product quality, earning customer trust and recognition in the medical industry.
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How does YIZE MOULD prevent metal ions from PFA high-purity injection molding?

The success of YIZE MOULD in preventing metal ions from PFA high-purity injection molding cannot be separated from our continuous investment and innovation in technology research and development. At present, YIZE MOULD has formed three core competitive advantages:
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PFA Precision Injection Molding: Exploration and Breakthrough

PFA precision injection molding is an advanced technology in the field of plastics processing. As the application fields of PFA are getting wider and wider, the demand for technological breakthroughs in PFA precision injection molding is getting more and more urgent. Compared with common plastics such as PC, PP, PE, etc., PFA has unique properties, which put forward higher requirements for processing technology and equipment. In spite of many challenges, with the wisdom of technicians and the …
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Medical Injection Molding(7) ---- Strengthening Supply Chain Management, Make Whole Medical Devices

We reached a strategic partnership with a silicone injection molding company. Since we have the hard plastic precision injection molding capabilities that this company desperately needs, this company can complement us in our product making capabilities. In addition, we have strengthened our supply chain management in order to better communicate and cooperate with our upstream and downstream companies.In addition, we have strengthened our product design capabilities because customers often need…
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