What are the three factors that affect the precision of mold processing?
2024/5/22 137

Precision mold is an important part of the modern industrial production process, it can ensure that the product production of high quality and high productivity. Mold processing of mold steel material hardness, the requirements of mold processing equipment with thermal stability, high reliability, mold processing refinement of the processing equipment to make the composite, high efficiency is more attention. So what are the three elements that affect the precision of mold processing?


1. Processing accuracy:

Processing accuracy and processing error are terms used to evaluate the geometric parameters of the processed surface. Precision mold machining accuracy to tolerance level to measure, the smaller the level value, the higher the accuracy; processing error expressed in numerical terms, the larger the value, the larger the error. High machining accuracy means small machining error, and vice versa.

2. Positional accuracy

The positional accuracy of precision mold refers to the accuracy difference of the actual position between the relevant surfaces of the precision mold processed parts. There are eight items to assess positional accuracy: parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination, concentricity, symmetry, position, circular runout and full runout. Positional accuracy is controlled by the positional tolerance, each item of positional tolerance is also divided into 12 accuracy levels.

3. Machine quality:

The quality of the machine depends on the processing quality of the parts and the assembly quality of the machine. The quality of parts processing of precision molds includes the machining accuracy and surface quality of the parts. Machining accuracy refers to the actual geometric parameters of the part after processing (size, shape and position) and the ideal geometric parameters of the degree of compliance, the difference between them is called the machining error, precision mold machining error reflects the size of the machining accuracy of the high and low. The larger the error, the lower the machining accuracy. The smaller the error, the higher the machining accuracy. The main aspects affecting processing accuracy: dimensional accuracy, precision mold processing, the actual size of the processed part and the center of the part size tolerance zone of the degree of coincidence.

So that want to more fine products, these points affect the factors we need to know, these are the three major factors affecting the accuracy of mold processing, today for you to introduce here.

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