Custom PFA teflon plastic injection mold
Product size: customized

Accuracy of precision plastic injection molding:0.02mm

injection assembly style:Bi-color injection molding, Vertical injection molding, Horizontal injection molding, Double injection molding, over-molding

Business scope: precision plastic mold from design, processing, manufacturing, injection molding production ( We can just offer molds or Mold and injection molding )

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Know more about the PFA teflon plastic injection mold

Plastic heat distortion temperature

Good electrical properties

Advantage performance

Long-term use temperature of -80--260 degrees,corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance to all chemicals, the lowest friction coefficient among plastics

Its has good dielectric properties and excellent radiation resistance.

not affected by temperature Influence, fire V0 level. 

PFA tensile strength is high, and its elongation can reach 100-300%.Great flame retardancy.

Advantages of teflon plastic injection mold and moulding

Repeatability –Equipped with manipulator 24 hours to maintain production

Accuracy – Plastic injection molding parts accuracy 0.003mm, injection 0.02mm.We can be produced to a tight tolerance consistently

Applications – Wire insulation,wafer carriers, pump housings, valve bodies, heat exchangers and other end use components requiring a high performance fluoroplastic material.

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Our Core Capabilities

Yize mould specializes in high precision plastic injection mold thermoforming and manufacturing. We offer services to meet any of your engineering needs, including:

· Thermoforming
· Prototyping
· Custom Design
· Clean Room Assembly
· Tooling Development
· Automation

Accuracy Technical PFA teflon plastic injection mold Support Form

General Precision: 0.005mmDimensional Precision: ±0.001mm
Grinding precision within 0.001mmCoordinate Precision: 0.001
EDM/Wire Cut Precision within 0.005mmParallelism: ±0.002mm
EDM Angle clearance within R0.01Straightness: ±0.002mm
Straightness: ±0.002mmCoaxiality: ±0.002mm
All Steel types available, special requests accommodatedRoundness: 0.0015mm
7 Days Express Processing Service offeredSurface Roughness: Ra0.025
MOQ 1 pcs AcceptedSurface Roughness (EDM) : Ra0.04

Qualification: ISO & TÜV Rheinland 


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In close cooperation with our customer engineers, we have designed and produced connectors and cable assemblies with extremely tight tolerances for many of the largest 、electronics companies and manufacturers in the world.


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