Laryngoscope Guard medical plastic injection mold
Product size: customized

Injection time 0.43 S

laryngoscope guard Material PC

Shrink 1.005 Injection

Fanuc Machine α-S150iA

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General Precision: 0.005mmDimensional Precision: ±0.001mm
Grinding precision within 0.001mmCoordinate Precision: 0.001
EDM/Wire Cut Precision within 0.005mmParallelism: ±0.002mm
EDM Angle clearance within R0.01Straightness: ±0.002mm
Straightness: ±0.002mmCoaxiality: ±0.002mm
All Steel types available, special requests accommodatedRoundness: 0.0015mm
7 Days Express Processing Service offeredSurface Roughness: Ra0.025
MOQ 1 pcs AcceptedSurface Roughness (EDM) : Ra0.04

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