Plastic mold processing production to strictly control what aspects?
2024/6/15 91

Plastic mold processing process injection molding size, material temperature, mold temperature control, pressure and exhaust control need to be done in order to process the plastic mold products to meet the requirements. Then, talk about plastic mold processing production to strictly control the following aspects:


1. injection molding parts size of the supplementary plastic control

Some plastic parts due to the shape and size of the different, after demolding with the temperature and loss of pressure changes, will occur in different cases of deformation and warping, etc., this time can be used for some auxiliary fixtures and fittings to adjust the molded parts out of the mold in a timely and rapid remedial measures, to be its natural cooling and shaping can be achieved after a better correction, adjustment results. If the whole injection molding process to ensure strict management, then the size of the injection molded parts will be very ideal control.

2. Control of material temperature and mold temperature

Different grades of plastics with different temperature requirements, poor fluidity of the plastic material and the use of more than two kinds of mixed materials will have different situations, the plastic material should be controlled in the optimal flow value range, these are usually easy to do, but the control of the mold temperature is a little more complex, different molded parts geometry, size, wall thickness ratio of different cooling system has certain requirements, mold temperature to a large extent control the cooling time; therefore, try to make the mold geometry, size, wall thickness ratio of the different requirements, mold temperature to control the cooling time; therefore, try to make the mold temperature is very good, the mold will be very good. The mold temperature largely controls the cooling time; therefore, try to keep the mold in a permissible low-temperature state, in order to shorten the injection cycle, improve productivity, mold temperature changes, then the shrinkage rate will also change, the mold temperature remains stable, the dimensional accuracy will be stable, thus preventing deformation of the molded parts, gloss, cooling spots and other defects, so that the physical properties of the plastic is in the best state, of course, there is also a debugging process, especially for multi-cavity molded parts, the more important thing is that the mold temperature can be controlled by the mold temperature. Of course, there is a debugging process, especially for multi-cavity molding parts are more complicated.

3. Adjustment and control of pressure and exhaust

In the mold cavity and the core formed in the gap in the air and plastic produced by the gas must be discharged from the exhaust groove outside the mold, such as exhaust will be insufficient to fill, produce fusion marks or burns, these three molding defects will sometimes be intermittent in the same part of the presence of thick wall around the book wall part of the mold, mold temperature is too low will appear to be insufficient to fill, the mold temperature is too high will appear again Burning phenomenon, usually in the burned area and the simultaneous appearance of fusion marks, exhaust groove is often overlooked.

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