What are the features of WEDM?
2024/6/18 118

CNC EDM wire cutting processing is a processing method that utilizes electrode gap pulse discharge to generate local instantaneous high temperature to etch metal materials. As an advanced processing technology, wire EDM has been widely used in precision mold processing. So, what are the characteristics of wire cutting processing?

Yize Mould WEDM Processing

(1) Wide range of processing, as long as the processed workpiece is a conductor or semiconductor, regardless of its hardness, can be processed.

(2) Due to the CNC wire cutting processing line electrode loss is small, high processing accuracy, electrode wire without sharpening, can save the auxiliary time and tool costs.

(3) In addition to the limitation of the minimum radius of the inner corners determined by the diameter of the electrode wire, any complex shaped part can be processed as long as a machining program can be prepared.

(4) The electrode wire is not in direct contact with the workpiece during machining, and the force between the two is small, thus not requiring the tool, workpiece, or fixture to have sufficient rigidity to resist cutting deformation.

(5) Compared with general cutting processing, CNC wire cutting processing of metal removal rate is low, high processing cost, not suitable for the production of large quantities of simple shape parts.

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