What kind of steel is good for the connector mold?
2021/3/1 2622

The connector mold is a precision mold, which requires high dimensional accuracy. The components of the connector mold are the plastic mold of the insert shell plastic and the metal stamping mold of the hardware parts embedded in it. Plastic molds and metal stamping molds use different mold steels.

There is no requirement for the surface polishability of the plastic mold inserted into the plastic shell. Mainly require high mold dimensional accuracy. The output of the mold is large, and the wear resistance is required. It is hoped that the surface of the mold cannot collapse, the mold life is long, and the mold size is stable. Generally, SKD61 die steel is used after quenching. Some connector mold cores will choose SKD61 pre-hardened material, but SKD61 wear resistance and compressive strength will be slightly inferior; connector mold cores are recommended to choose toughness and wear resistance A better VIKING pre-hardened material, VIKING is a Swedish ASSAB multi-purpose high-alloy die steel with high wear resistance and high toughness.


The hardware embedded in the mating shell is a metal stamping die, and most of the die stamping copper sheets. The dimensional accuracy of the mold is high, and the punching speed of the mold is fast (usually 300 times/min), and the template and punch in the metal stamping mold parts must be wear-resistant. Especially for the die punch material, it is required not only to be wear-resistant, and the sharp corners of the punch cannot be collapsed, but also to have good toughness and not to collapse. Stamping die template materials generally use SKD11 die steel and D2 die steel. Stamping die punch materials generally use die steel SKD11 pre-hardened material, die steel DC53 pre-hardened material, high-speed steel SKH-9 pre-hardened material, powder high-speed steel ASP23 pre-hardened material, powder high-speed steel ASP60 pre-hardened material.



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