What are the factors that affect the life of high precision plastic injection mold?
2021/7/5 1018

YIZE mold supports the entire production chain from design, processing, assembly, debugging, etc. to the actual use of the entire production chain. What are the factors that affect the life of high precision plastic injection mold? Next, the editor summarizes the following aspects, which are key factors affecting mold life and quality:

1. Precision plastic mold steel: According to the requirements of injection molding material, we will reasonably consider the price and surface treatment of the mold to extend the life of high precision plastic injection mold .

2. Structural design: In order to improve efficiency and reduce cost, it is necessary to consider the material properties of the product, shrinkage rate, molding temperature, elastic tensile deformation coefficient, cooling water circuit, and mold opening/closing speed.

3. Precision injection molding machining: rational placement of machining technology, shortening machining time, saving time and cost, avoiding multiple welding, shortening life of high precision plastic injection mold.

4. Select the standard part to process.

5. Grab the bump (flying model).

6. Polishing / Skin Texture: Good grinding and polishing reduces resistance and reduces the difficulty of mold removal.

7. Mold Assembly: Special care must be taken to keep the mold clean and tidy during the assembly process and there should be no iron files.

8. Hot Runner or Cold Runner: Select a hot runner or cold runner depending on the mold to keep the mold balanced and maintain proper gate size and injection pressure.

9. Cooling channel: Design a good channel system considering the placement density, diameter, reciprocal link of the channel, etc. This is a test question for mold designers.

10. Mold maintenance: Mainly maintenance and maintenance during the manufacturing process. Hopefully, the life of the mold can be significantly extended.

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