In the future, the medical plastic injection mold market show their strength in the medical industry
2021/11/17 417

In the future, medical plastic injection mold market will be valued in the medical industry

Future development possibilities of medical plastic injection mold market:

China'smedical plastic injection mold market currently accounts for nearly 20% of the global medical device market and is still growing. It is expected that the growth trend will continue to be maintained in the future, driven by the following key drivers:

1. An aging population leads to an increasing number of chronically ill people

2. Income growth drives per capita medical consumption expenditure growth

3. The proliferation of medical clinics and hospitals

4. Low drug price policy

These will bring good prospects for the development of medical plastic injection mold market

Distribution of net export value of medical devices (export value - import value).jpg

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The medical plastic injection mold market is huge

Affected by the epidemic, the demand for medical masks, nucleic acid detection kits and extracorporeal membrane lung equipment has surged

Medical device molds are mainly aimed at medical devices, high-value medical consumables, low-value medical consumable oxygenation (ECMO) machines, etc. - a series of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD)

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