Plastic injection molding parts factory choose the POM material to injection
2022/4/27 676

POM has a good balance of self-lubricating and oil-resistant mechanical properties and has begun to expand the market by replacing mechanical parts such as gears, screws, and bearings that were previously made of metal. Yizemould as a plastic injection molding parts factroy POM material can become one of good choice.

Why plastic injection molding parts factory choose the POM material to injection:

1. High mechanical strength and rigidity;

2. High fatigue strength

3. Good environmental resistance and organic solvent resistance;

4. Strong resistance to repeated impact;

5. Wide temperature range (-40℃~120℃);

6. Good electrical performance;

7. Have a good rest;

8. Good self-lubrication and wear resistance;

9. Excellent dimensional stability.

Sometimes one plastic injection molding parts factory will change the normal POM on injection mold processing:

1. Add Teflon POM

2. Glass fiber/carbon fiber reinforced POM

3. Fire POM

4. UV and weather-resistant POM

5. Antistatic/Conductive POM

POM plastic injection molding parts is suitable for auto parts, electronic appliances, components, mechanical parts, gears, etc.,