Future development of connector mold parts is huge
2022/7/12 159

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles in recent years, China's local wiring harness connector mold parts suppliers have taken the lead in entering the new energy vehicle supply system by virtue of their good supporting relationship with independent new energy vehicles. Some high-quality wiring harness connector mold parts companies have achieved technological breakthroughs in the field of high-voltage wiring harnesses

The connector mold parts have huge potential for future development

The automotive wiring harness industry is highly dependent on the automotive industry. Most OEMs have their own relatively mature and stable automotive supporting systems, especially international automotive companies represented by German, American and Japanese systems.

Connectors have high requirements for the mold manufacturing industry: First, a high level of mold design is required. Due to different shapes of terminals, connectors have different structures. It is very important to carry out reasonable design. If the structure is unreasonable, the product will be unqualified. .

Strict assessment of parts suppliers and their long-term high standards for parts make the combination of automotive wiring harness suppliers and automotive companies relatively stable

In the future, the requirements of connector terminal molds are getting higher and higher, which is due to the trend of miniaturization of connector interface and high data transmission rate.

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Connector molds involve injection molding, terminal stamping, electroplating, etc. Guosheng mainly produces terminal injection molds, including circular electrical connectors and rectangular electrical connectors. Circular electrical connectors are used in military equipment (aviation, aerospace) due to their structural characteristics.

Connector Mould company Yize is mainly for high-end fields, mainly for international connector manufacturers such as AMP, Molex and other well-known manufacturers.