What are the PFA Teflon plastic injection mold product installation operation?
2022/12/19 88

The following is the basic PFA Teflon plastic injection mold product installation operation

In fact, as long as it is a welded PFA pipe and its fittings, pipes, accessories, and other materials, it can usually be welded by a special PFA welding machine; the connection between the material and the equipment is mainly a flange connection so that it can be more It is best used in the pipeline from the receiving device to the chemical receiving tank to the supply device.

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PFA Teflon plastic injection mold product Installation Guide

1. Flare joint installation method

1. Pipeline flare

① Use a pipe cutter to cut the PFA Teflon plastic injection mold product of the pipe flat, and insert it from the non-threaded side of the nut


②Insert the hose into the expander, press the hose gently until it is inserted to the end


③ Expand the tools from 10% to 20%


④ Release the hand pressure, rotate the tube, and press the handle again

⑤ Repeat steps 3 and 4, gradually increasing the pressure until the tool is fully deployed]


⑥ Put the expansion tube into the flared end of the joint, and install the nut until it is tightened.


PFA connectors are professionally used in high-purity semiconductor industry, solar energy, liquid crystal panel manufacturing and other industries, or some other industries that require ultra-high-purity fluids, and are also suitable for ultra-pure water or corrosive chemicals. It can maintain good dimensional stability and corrosion resistance between ℃, and has good mechanical characteristics and anti-wear.

Simple design, easy installation, installation can be completed with heat gun tool and flarer. There are two main sealing methods for PFA Teflon plastic injection mold project joints, the flared joint seal and the beaded joint seal, and there are also ferrule-type connections, threaded connections, and welded types.