How to choose Aviation plug high precision connector injection?
2022/12/22 86

What is aviation plug high precision connector injection molding?

Aviation plugs and connectors are different names for the same industrial accessory. They are also collectively referred to as aviation plugs or aviation connectors because they are widely used in the new energy industry and aerospace fields. Today, the structure of aviation plugs is becoming more and more diverse. With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, 5G communication, high-speed rail transportation and other industries, the application range of aviation plugs will be wider in the future, and the functions will become more and more abundant.

 What are the classifications of aviation plug high precision connector injection?

There are many types of high precision connector injection project, each of which is suitable for different fields. Aviation plugs can be roughly divided into circular aviation plugs and rectangular aviation plugs according to shape; aviation plugs are classified according to frequency, there are high-frequency aviation plugs and low-frequency aviation plugs; aviation plugs are classified according to purposes, and can be divided into cabinet aviation plugs and audio equipment. Aviation plugs, power supply aviation plugs, special aviation plugs, automation technology aviation plugs, etc.

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How to choose aviation plug high precision connector injection?

Aviation plugs are generally interchangeable. In actual use, it can be selected according to the charging conditions at both ends of the plug and socket. If the socket needs to be charged frequently, you can choose a socket with a socket, so that the human body is not easy to touch, and it is relatively safe.

The shape of the aviation plug is ever-changing, mainly in the following aspects: right-angle and angled aviation plugs (connectors); the outer diameter of the aviation plug wire or cable and the fixing requirements with the shell; the volume and weight of the aviation plug; whether the aviation plug is required Connect Metal Hose. For the aviation plug used on the panel, it is also necessary to choose from the aspects of aesthetics, shape, and color.

At the same time, different fields should choose matching aviation plugs. At present, the application fields of aviation plugs include automation technology, aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, high-speed rail, 5G construction, etc.

When choosing an aviation plug, you should try to choose a manufacturer with a good reputation, such as imported manufacturers such as German Binder connectors.

How to distinguish defective aviation plug high precision connector injection?

1. Bending and deformation of aviation plug: the molded product of the connector is warped and deformed due to uneven shrinkage;

2. Aviation plug burrs: The joint surface of the connector mold is not tightly sealed, resulting in a thin film. Once a glitch occurs, it should be repaired immediately

take improvement measures;

3. Unsmooth demoulding of the aviation plug: when the product is demoulding, the phenomenon is caused by wear on the top layer or unbalanced ejection; 4. Deformation of the mold core of the aviation plug: local bending occurs during the injection molding process of the connector;

5. Air plug sagging: When the product is suspected of shrinking, the glue cannot be properly replenished, forming a vacuum hole, and the surface will be damaged.

The surface is pulled into the depression.