What to focus on Medical plastic injection mold Quality Inspection?
2022/5/5 436

Our medical plastic injection mold Quality Inspection department starts to check the quality control department before proceeding to production

The first part is the material: different materials have different hardness and light transmittance Nest size, confirmed by our customers, Medical plastic injection mold Quality Inspection have to make sure the maximum size for the initial 3-5 shots meets the requirements

Mechanical property test: Hardness

●Pulling performance

●Tear performance

●Compression performance

●Bending performance

●Impact performance

●Friction performance

●Fatigue resistance

●Coefficient of friction and wear performance

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Combustion performance test

●Vertical combustion

●Horizontal burning

●Smoke density

●Determination of plastic gas index

Thermal performance test

● thermal stability

● Liquidity

●thermal conductivity

●glass transition temperature

●Brittle temperature

●Loss of strength temperature

Weather resistance test

●Aging test

●Liquid test such as oil resistance

●Temperature shock

Plastic electrical performance testing

●Surface resistance, surface electric rate

●Volume resistance, volume resistivity

●Breakdown voltage

●Dielectric strength

●Dielectric loss

●Electrostatic performance

Other physical and chemical properties


●Moisture permeability

● Rough surface

●Plastic mirror gloss

●Resin ash

●Resin moisture content

●Volatility and solid content

●Thermosetting resin setting time

●Plastic optical properties

The second part Medical plastic injection mold Quality Inspection will be to check the appearance of injection molding: product gloss, gate position and nozzle position and product structure mainly from assembly to finished product testing

(1) Assembly inspection

1). First assemble the finished product, and assemble it in a predetermined way (or other assembly relationship)

2). Check whether the single gap of each finished product assembly is suitable, and adjust it according to the tolerance and deformation

(2) Structural inspection

1). Check whether the structure of each part of the product is reasonable, and whether there is obvious adverse effect on processing and injection

2). Check whether the product is difficult to eject or cannot be ejected from the mold, such as barbs, sloping top distance, etc.

(3), draft angle detection

1). Which aspects of the product are not made with the drafting slope. Pay special attention to the size of the draft angle of the insertion position, generally 3 to 5°

2). When it is necessary to increase the draft angle, the general principle is to draft in the direction of reducing the glue, so as to facilitate the modification of the mold in the future

Finally, the quality control manager will review and sign the injection confirmation.

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