TPA connector mould design concept review information
2022/5/11 459

General connector mould design information

  • Mold NO:21-xxxxx

  • Customer :TE

  • Part No :16xxxx-xx

  • Part Name :TPA

  • 3D Revision/Date :2021.07.14

  • Drawing No & Rev. :A5

  • Material :PA66-GF15(Ultramid® A3EG3)

  • Shrinkage :1.005

  • Mold Type (2/3plates) :2P

  • Gate Type /Hot runner supplier name :Hot Cold(Synventive)

  • Injection Machine :15T

  • Cavity quantity :4

Mold material list and hardness

Analysis aim: Validation of the part structure and the mold connector mould design.


 Mesh (Moldflow 2019 SP1)

Our company is able to provide customers with Moldflow analysis (high-end plastic injection molding computer-aided engineering simulation software)


Uniform temperature at flow front.


Analysis Results: Short shot possibility


Mold connector mould design Conclusion: 

No hesitation flow and Filling smoothly;

Filling pressure is OK.

Please pay attention to strengthen vent at the regions of weld lines and last filled,

Please check whether the part deflection meets the assembly tolerance.

Mold connector mould design Analysis Limitations: 

The layout of the runner & cooling system was created according to the analyst’s experience, which might be different from the actual mold structure;

The molding process parameter is recommended by the resin vendor, which might be different from the actual Connector Mould parameter;