Advantages of Medical plastic injection Mold Clean Room
2022/6/8 158

Why need Medical plastic injection mold Clean Room?

The injection molding workshop itself produces a lot of dust in the production process. In fact, it is not feasible to absolutely injection mold a dust-free workshop, but it is possible to make a low-dust workshop. The important thing is to control the environment.

Some Medical plastic injection mold project material itself is relatively sensitive to the environment. Once there are too many dust or metal molecules in the air, it will affect the qualitative change of the material during the injection molding process, which will eventually lead to the inclusion of impurities in the product and the appearance of black spots, especially for medical plastic products used for the human body. It is absolutely not allowed to exist.

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What factors need to be considered in a Medical plastic injection mold Clean Room?

The design of the medical injection molding dust-free workshop should consider the heat of the injection molding machine, the height of the injection molding machine and the ceiling, the height of the crane, the temperature and humidity of the environment, the cleanliness, the dust production of the product, the water supply and drainage of the equipment, and the power distribution of the equipment. Therefore, the decoration design of the injection molding dust-free workshop should be comprehensively considered from many aspects.

1. Absolute isolation for scrap and mixing workshop

Completely cut off the mixed pollution of dust and prevent the entry of pollution sources. Realize low-dust purification in the control workshop.

2. Give each workshop more exhaust fans

To get rid of all the dust, it is also necessary to recycle the dust produced by itself and the dust extracted by the exhaust air.

3. The injection molding machine can work in one line and share a conveyor belt. The air-conditioning room is built at the end of the machine. Just extend the conveyor belt into the air-conditioning room. The size of the transmission window can be adjusted according to the size of the product.

Fourth, the working principle:

Mixed air → primary effect air treatment → intermediate effect air treatment → air conditioning heating or cooling → pressurized fan air supply → purification pipeline → high-efficiency air supply port → clean room → dust removal → return air passage → fresh air and primary effect air treatment. Repeat the above steps several times to complete.

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5. Technical requirements:

How to achieve the purification level of injection molding dust-free workshop:

① Number of air changes:

100,000 class 10-15 times/hour;

10,000-level 15-25 times/hour;

Thousand-level 50-52 times/hour;

The wind speed of the 100-level console section is 0.25-0.35m/s.

② Pressure difference: the main workshop is ≥5Pa to the adjacent room.

③ Temperature: >16℃±2℃ in winter;<26℃±2℃ in summer.

④ Relative humidity: 45-65% (RH).

⑤ Noise≤65dB(A).

⑥ Fresh air supplementary volume: 20%-30% of the total air supply volume.

⑦ Illumination: ≥300Lux.

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6. Main structural materials of Medical plastic injection mold Clean Room workshop:

①The ventilation ducts of the dust-free workshop are made of galvanized sheet steel, and PEF flame retardant insulation board is used for heat preservation.

②  The floor adopts epoxy self-leveling or advanced wear-resistant plastic dust-free floor.

③ The walls and ceilings of the dust-free workshop are generally made of 50mm-thick sandwich color steel plates and special alumina profiles for purification. The door adopts purification airtight door, and the window adopts aluminum alloy glass fixed window.