Case study of medical plastic injection mold companies
2022/6/27 587

Medical mold features: wide application range, easy processing, good chemical resistance, toughness, strength, rigidity and heat-resistant steam. Good biocompatibility, but not easy to bond, dimensionally stable and radiation resistant. Long service life, accurate manufacturing positioning, low precision difference, reliable hot runner operation and low cost.

Therefore, for the medical plastic injection mold companies, how to balance the quality, efficiency, hygiene and other aspects of the laryngoscope mold, the cylinder pulls the core, the action opens the mold, and then the core is ejected. Note that the appearance of the product has not shrunk, burrs, strains, trapped air, level difference, etc., install the thimble reset switch to prevent the thimble from not returning to the die! ! !

As we all know, in terms of molds, the water system is one of the important factors for the quality of mold products. A superior water system can shorten the product molding cycle and improve the product yield for medical plastic injection mold companies,.

1. Molding cycle

The waterway system of the mold cavity can speed up cooling, shorten the workpiece forming cycle and improve production efficiency.

laryngoscope medical plastic injection mold.jpg

2. Surface quality

The molding quality of injection products has a huge relationship with the mold temperature. The mold temperature is not balanced, and the difference between the highest temperature and the lowest temperature is large, and defects such as burns and deformation are likely to occur at high temperatures, and the product yield is low.

Medical plastic injection mold companies should be avoid the following pitfalls

1). The product is trapped in air, and there is a serious lack of glue

2). The textured surface area is trapped and shiny, and the overall textured surface is bold and consistent with the sample

3). The surface of the thimble is not bright

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4). The rubber feed head needs to be smooth, not white, too much glue, gaps, etc. The big single side of the glue inlet is 1.0 to make a fan shape

Medical equipment itself has strict precision attributes. Therefore, more precise technical requirements are also put forward for the production of Medical plastic injection mold device. In the production and matching process of medical parts, the surface quality, precision and hygiene requirements of injection products ranging from large to hyperbaric oxygen chambers to small to hearing aids, anesthesia laryngoscopes, medical buttons, etc. cannot tolerate a single flaw.