Know more about the PFA teflon plastic injection mold
2022/7/15 488

What is PFA teflon plastic injection mold?

Recently, many friends have emailed or called to learn about PFA teflon plastic injection mold, that is, Teflon injection molding customization. Since it is over the phone, our sales representative cannot explain it to you in too much detail in a few words, so today we recorded it specifically for you. Here is a small video explaining the production process of Teflon injection molding products.

Why do it need to be carried out in a 100,000-level clean environment? This is determined by the material application and material properties of PFA. PFA teflon plastic injection mold is a plastic raw material with stable performance

Its characteristic is that between 20 ° C and 180 ° C, there is almost no chemical reaction between any substances, and it has super corrosion resistance. Even if it is boiled in aqua regia, it will not cause any chemical reaction.

Because of the stability of its physical properties and its high price, it is called "the king of plastics"

Due to its stable physical properties, PFA raw material products are widely used in the fields of biochemistry, medical devices, and semiconductors

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It is precisely because the anti-corrosion and chemical reaction stability of its products are ensured that it needs to be injection-molded in a 100,000-level clean environment.

Let me introduce to you the special requirements of injection molding of PFA materials for machines, barrels and molds on Teflon plastic injection mold supplier

Because PAF material has the characteristics of flow rate drop and high melting point, its molding has special requirements for injection molding machine, injection barrel and mold.

1. First of all, because of its poor fluidity, the torque of the machine screw needs to be increased

2. Furthermore, because of its melting point, the heating ring of the gun barrel is also specially made

3. Then, because of the corrosion during melting, our screw material and barrel material are also made of corrosion-resistant nickel alloy. The ordinary gun barrel only needs 20,000-30,000 yuan, and our gun barrel is set at more than 20 yuan. million yuan

Because of its fluidity, the PFA teflon plastic injection mold requires corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and requires high gloss, that is, a relatively high level of finish, which needs to achieve a mirror effect.

Due to the fluidity of PFA, injection-molded products often require secondary machining to remove thick gate residues. At the same time, the products also need to be baked for profit, ultrasonically cleaned, then dried and vacuum-packed. really done

Due to the treatment of toxic gases during the dissolution of PFA at 420°C, although our exhaust gas extraction, fly-up treatment, air, and anti-fitting workpieces are fully removed, we still bring N95 to prevent exhaust gas from being inhaled due to safety guarantees.