Why use the PPS plastic injection molding parts?
2022/8/22 103

PPS: Polyphenylene sulfide, referred to as PPS, is a new type of high-performance thermoplastic resin. Special engineering plastics are widely used after filling and modification. At the same time, PPS plastic injection molding parts can also be made into various functional films, coatings, and composite materials, which have been successfully used in electronic appliances, aerospace, automobile transportation, and other fields. However, PPS is rarely used alone because of its brittleness, and PPS is mostly used for its modified varieties, such as glass fiber reinforced PPS, glass fiber reinforced PPS, carbon fiber reinforced PPS, etc. Its advantages are:

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1. It is only one-seventh the price of PEEK material.

2.PPS material can withstand high temperature of 220℃.

3. PPS plastic injection molding parts material has good performance in wear resistance, toughness or corrosion resistance.

4. PPS precision injection molding material has excellent flame retardancy.

5. PPS plastic injection molding parts has excellent electrical insulation, especially high-frequency insulation.

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