Know more about LCP plastic injection molding parts
2022/8/24 97

LCP plastic injection molding parts materials are semi-crystalline polymers with excellent heat resistance and flexibility, generally exhibiting liquid crystallinity in the molten state. The knowledge about precision injection molding of LCP plastic injection molding parts materials is as follows:

1. LCP plastic injection molding parts precision injection molding process:

①The molding temperature range [280-360 degrees] is different according to the grade temperature

② Baking temperature and time [150 degrees]/4-6 hours

③ Mold temperature 【30-150 degrees】

④ The injection setting pressure adopts low pressure and medium and high speed

2. Attention should be paid to the following issues when precision LCP plastic injection molding parts:

①In order to make the feeding more accurate and stable, proportional back pressure is usually used;

②Large products can use large back pressure, and small products can use small back pressure;

③High-sensitivity injection system and automatic V-P (V injection pressure, P holding pressure) conversion function, so that the product is precise and stable. In the case of need (such as the product is very precise), it is recommended to install a pressure sensor at the gate of the mold cavity. Make V-P switching closer to reality;

④If the machine is shut down and restarted, the waste needs to be ejected;

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3. LCP plastic injection molding parts and molding cycle

The molding cycle depends on the size, shape, thickness, mold structure and molding conditions of the molded product. Because of its excellent flow, LCP has a fast fill time and a fast cure time, so we can get shorter molding cycles.

4. Scope of application:

The application of LCP materials is centered on heat-resistant electrical and electronic components, and can be involved and applied to a wide range of fields.

Including terminals, plugs and sockets, coil bobbins, resistors, relays, fuse parts, motor parts, radio parts, printed circuit boards, IC manufacturing equipment parts, lighting parts, etc.

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