Requirements for the high precision connector injection mold company
2022/8/31 86

As a port for transmitting signals, high precision connector injection mold are used in various industries such as mobile phones, computers, program-controlled communication

It has been widely used in the fields of replacement, household appliances and so on. 

Because the connector mold involves injection molding, terminal punching, electroplating, etc., Guosheng mainly produces terminal punching Press mold, products include mobile phone SIM card terminal mold, computer CPU socket STOCK terminal mold, Electrical terminal molds, etc.

We are currently an international high precision connector injection mold manufacturer such as AMP, Molex and other well-known manufacturers matching.

The connection device has high requirements for the high precision connector injection mold manufacturing industry: 

First, there is a high level of mold design:

Due to different shapes of the terminal, the connector has different structures. How to make reasonable design is important.

If the structure is unreasonable, the product will be unqualified.

Second, high precision connector injection mold equipment:

The accuracy of the processing equipment is required, and the accuracy of equipment can reach ± 0.002mm for high precision connector injection maker.

Third, a good basic process:

With many years of professional manufacturing experience, Yize Mould provides partners with a wide range of precision mold processing support.

Including lathe turning, milling, surface grinding, circular grinding, EDM, WEDM, PG, etc.