The Connector Mould material requirement in 3C equipment: how can we overcome it?
2022/6/16 556

With the development of electronic technology, all kinds of connectors perform their respective functions in 3C equipment, which enriches our daily life. Connector Mould material is undoubtedly a huge challenge!

The five requirements of the Connector Mould material are:

1. Mechanical properties: To fix the terminal, the connector must have a certain strength and rigidity; the toughness is detected by tests such as rocking tests and impact tests.

2. Thermal performance: According to the function of the connector, it has high temperature resistance. That is, the short-term heat resistance index HDT must meet the conditions. But sometimes the long-term use temperature (RTI index) does not need to be too high.

3. Electrical properties: All plastic connector parts must be insulated; high-frequency Precision Connector Mould and products may have dielectric constant and loss factor requirements; and some products may also have antistatic requirements.

4. Flame retardant and environmental protection: Most products are flame retardant, basically in line with UL94V0. Most of them pursue halogen-free, but at present, halogen-free and halogen-free account for about half of their production.

5. Appearance and dyeing: Under the requirements of various colors, the Connector Mould material must have good dyeing performance and also have good color stability under high temperatures, and it is not easy to fade.