Special requirements for medical plastic injection mold material
2022/6/23 498

1. Since most of the monomers and their oligomeric compounds contain harmful components to the human body, there are quite strict restrictions on the corresponding residues on Medical plastic injection mold material;

2. In the polymerization process of plastics, it is inevitable to use materials containing metal ions such as reactors and metal catalysts. According to the requirements of the national standard medical plastics, there are clear regulations on the residues of metal ions such as lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, tin, and barium;

3. Medical plastic injection mold material require high resin purity and narrow molecular weight distribution;

4. The additives in the plastic modification process need to use non-toxic additives to prevent and reduce the precipitation of additives in the long-term use process, affecting the performance and treatment effect of products;

5. Internal medical plastics also have special functional requirements such as surface hydrophilicity, anticoagulation, and radiation sterilization resistance;

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Requirements for Medical plastic injection mold material for equipment and appliances:

1. Medical equipment and appliances will inevitably come into contact with some liquid medicines during use, because there are certain requirements for the acid and alkali resistance of plastics;

2. Most medical equipment is automatic equipment that can be adjusted and rotated, so there is a need for self-lubricating plastics;

3. The light usage rate in the working environment of the hospital is relatively high, and the weather resistance is also the rigid requirement of the equipment for plastics;

4. X-ray equipment, B-ultrasound equipment, ultrasound equipment and other special diagnostic equipment require the use of anti-radiation plastic materials;

Medical plastic injection mold customer are used in many different industrial applications: automotive, industrial, connectors, electronics, consumer, defense, and transportation. However, medical device mold injection comes under greater scrutiny for cleanliness and, in some cases, sterility.

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Application of injection mold in medical industry:

◆patient care

◆Diagnostic equipment

◆Drug filtration

◆Enclosures and Parts

◆Disposable medical supplies

◆Surgical instruments

◆Orthopedic products

◆Heart products

◆Ophthalmic therapeutic device

◆Health care components and equipment