Advantages and disadvantages of high mold temperatures

High mold temperature has the following advantages:First, conducive to obtaining a stable sizeThrough constant control of the mold temperature, the shrinkage balance of the product is improved, facilitating more precise control of product size standards.Second, ...
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The main steps of injection mold tryout

By controlling and adjusting various processing conditions, finding the best temperature and pressure conditions, and developing a standard mold trial procedure and establishing a daily working method, we can avoid time waste and trouble during production. The following describes the main steps of injection mold mold trial:
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What are the features of WEDM?

CNC EDM wire cutting processing is a processing method that utilizes electrode gap pulse discharge to generate local instantaneous high temperature to etch metal materials. As an advanced processing technology, wire EDM has been widely used in precision mold processing. So, what are the characteristics of wire cutting processing?
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Plastic mold processing production to strictly control what aspects?

Plastic mold processing process injection molding size, material temperature, mold temperature control, pressure and exhaust control need to be done in order to process the plastic mold products to meet the requirements. Then, talk about plastic mold processing production to strictly control the following aspects:
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3D printing and mold advantages and disadvantages (2)

One of the big reasons for using 3D printed molds is their low cost. Production level machined mold makers typically cost $6,000 or more, meaning that a $1,000 printed mold is a like-for-like comparison. However, this analogy is inaccurate, as the cost of a printed mold is usually evaluated only in terms of material consumption and does not take into account labor, assembly and mounting, injection systems, and hardware molds.
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