Medical Injection Molding (2)---- Classification of Medical Devices and Performance Requireme

In this article we will introduce the classification of medical devices and performance requirements of commonly used medical plastics.
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How to process a piece of POM sheet?

We used heavy objects to flatten this plastic plate after processing, and finally met the flatness requirements.
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What are the similarities and differences between PFA and PTFE?

In our previous article, we introduced the wide range of applications for PFA, such as chemical processes, oil and gas industry, electrical insulation materials, etc.. However, until today, the market share of PFA in fluoropolymers is still less than 1%, while PTFE occupies about half, why? Today, we will explore the difference between PFA and PTFE in physical and chemical properties in this article, and answer the reasons for such a huge difference in market share between PFA and PTFE.
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What are the Applications of PFA?

In industry, PFA is often used as various coatings, linings and even astronautical equipment due to its chemical stability, thermal stability and non-stick properties, and is widely used in many fields such as construction, chemical, mechanical, electrical, aerospace and medical. In addition, the cleanliness level of PFA is often higher than that of PTFE, so in recent years PFA has also begun to be used in the semiconductor industry, which are used for handling silicon wafers for ultra-large-s…
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Yize Mould had successfully design and manufacture PFA tube fittings

At present, the first batch of our patented products (PFA straight connector) has been successfully put into production, there are five models: 1", 3/4", 1/2", 3/8", 1/4", the working temperature range is up to -40℃~240℃ (-40℉~464℉), and the maximum working pressure is up to 1.5MPa. The rest of the pipe connectors will be successfully put into production within one year. Successfully put into production. Welcome to contact us.
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